Best Food in a London-based Indian Restaurant

Indian food is ever popular in London and that explains why there are more Indian restaurants in London alone than in Mumbai and Delhi combined. So, it makes sense to stop by at an Indian restaurant in London and have some mouth-watering food to satiate your taste buds.

At Indian Rasoi, we have a variety of Best Indian food dishes, especially Mughlai cuisines. But if you find yourself confused about what to order, then try the following suggestions for Indian food dishes.

Main Course Sea Food: Best Indian Food in London

Jheenga Joshina

Jheenga Joshina is a signature food dish at Indian Rasoi. We describe jheenga joshina as a royal marriage of king prawns enriched by green garlic, tomatoes, dry red chillies, and whole spices. You might have had various prawn dishes such as prawn curry, karwari prawns, and prawn pulao, but you will never have anything like jheenga joshina unless you have it at our restaurant. It is utterly delicious and appetizing.

Goan Fish Curry

Looking for the perfect Indian curry with medium spiciness? If yes, check out our Goan Fish Curry. Goan Fish Curry is a warm and tangy fish curry with a creamy texture imparted by the coconut. At Indian Rasoi, we prepare this dish using codfish and garner it with coriander, herbs, and fresh coconut. The mixture of spices with coconut milk creates a scintillating flavor and brings the mild sweetness of the fish.

Vegetarian Side Dishes

Dal Tarka or Dal Palak
Dal Tarka is the ultimate vegetarian food dish that everyone must try in a good Indian restaurant. Without it, an Indian meal seems incomplete. It is a very healthy option and a good source of protein too. If you want to try something different from Dal Tarka, then you should try Dal Palak. It combines the goodness of both pulses and spinach, and therefore, the power of nutrients also gets doubled. At Indian Rasoi, we use a combination of five different lentils tampered with brown garlic to prepare Dal Tarka. On the other hand, Dal Palak is a hearty combination of baby spinach and Bengla Grahm, flavored with garlic and cumin seeds.

Bagara Baingan
Have you ever tasted a delicious dish made from aubergine (eggplant)? Even if you have, you have got to try this finger-licking dish prepared with baby aubergines. Baby aubergines are cooked with rich masala curry. At Indian Rasoi, the dish is cooked using coconut, sesame, and tangy peanut sauce (and of course aburgines) which are tampered with curry leaves and cumin seeds. It is a popular vegetarian dish and is often served as a side dish.

India’s Famous Dessert
Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamuns are soft cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup. They wonderfully melt in your mouth. To say that they are sweets is an understatement. They are deep-fried dumplings with a hint of saffron flavor and served hot.

Gajar Halwa
Gajar halwa is a sweet pudding made from delicately grated carrots, milk, sugar, khoya, and ghee. It is a nutritious dessert that some people like to eat hot and some like to have it after keeping it for a while in the refrigerator. At Indian Rasoi, we serve it with vanilla ice cream.

So, whenever you crave to have Best Indian food, just place an online order or visit our restaurant to try these delicious Indian delicacies. We are always happy to serve you and keep your tummy and taste buds happy.